Solar in Illinois

Solar is coming to every part of our state.

Illinois passed a new law in December 2016 that set a course to a clean energy future for the state—with solar energy leading the way.

We founded Trajectory Solar to help families, organizations, businesses, and communities be part of it.

Some can go solar on their homes or properties. Trajectory Solar can help schools, businesses, organizations, and others find out if they can go solar—and generate energy for their own use— right on their own roofs or property.

Many people cannot, however—that’s where community solar comes in. Under the new law, these projects will give everyone a chance to power their homes or businesses with clean energy starting in 2018. Our goal is to bring together community partners together to make these projects a reality.

How Community Solar works

Homes and businesses who can’t install solar on their own property can subscribe to a share of a local solar project. The energy these projects create will be credited to their electricity bill every month. It’s really that simple.

What’s next?

The state of Illinois is finalizing the regulations for solar in Illinois and the Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) that will support solar development in Illinois. The final details are expected to be released in 2018, allowing construction on these projects to start in late 2018 and early 2019.

Trajectory Solar isn’t waiting around in the meantime.

We’re working with interested community members, organizations, businesses, and landowners to evaluate their options for potential projects so we can hit the ground running as soon as possible. The more details that have been organized on a community solar project in advance, the faster and cheaper a project can be built once the state of Illinois finalizes the details.

We will help build and work closely with local community teams to:

  1. Identify potential locations for rooftop solar and community solar projects.
  2. Recruit local families, businesses, and organizations who want to be first in line to be part of a community solar project.
  3. Build support for projects among leaders in the community.

What can I do right now?

To make these projects a reality, we are looking for community partners in every part of Illinois.

We need subscribers—people who want to be first in line once community solar projects go live in Illinois. Families, businesses, and organizations can sign up now to reserve their spot in line for a subscription to a local project.

We need landowners who have a location for solar panels. Trajectory Solar will work with all types of landowners from individuals to schools to churches to community groups to find the right locations for local solar projects—either for their own use or to host a community solar project.

Finally, we need community leaders to build local teams and work with us to bring these projects across the finish line.

If you or someone you know would make a great community partner, sign up today to raise your hand and get started.